Portsmouth High School Sixth Form raise over £6.5k for Children on the Edge

Portsmouth High School Sixth Form raise over £6.5k for Children on the Edge

3 May 2019

Portsmouth High School’s Head Girl team were delighted to announce that they have raised over £6,500 for Chichester based charity, Children on the Edge.

In a moving assembly to the whole school, the Head Girl team presented Ms Kerry Dutton, Fundraising Officer, with a cheque for £6,742.28.

The Head Girl team spearhead fundraising activities throughout the year to generate money and raise awareness for their chosen charity. Children on the Edge makes a difference to thousands of marginalised children who are living on the edge of their societies around the world. Many of these children are without parental care, neglected or persecuted by their own governments, ignored by the international media and missed by large overseas agencies.

‘We are so happy to have raised this money for Children on the Edge,’ said Head Girl, Rachel Kellagher, 18. ‘They are a wonderful charity who support marginalised children in vulnerable communities across the world, and we know that the money will be put to good use.’

Most of the fund raising efforts took place last November during Portsmouth High School’s Charity Week. This dedicated week has been running for over 25 years and is always organised entirely by the Sixth Form. The week is made up of talent shows, live music events and an annual netball match versus boys from Portsmouth Grammar School. It culminates in a two night Fashion Show where the Sixth Form use business acumen and entrepreneurial skills to negotiate with local shops and liaise with local businesses to put on the show.

Kerry Dutton from Children on the Edge said at the whole school assembly:

‘We have been lucky enough to work with this amazing Head Girl team. The latest United Nations figures show that there are 665,012 refugees across the world. The money that you have all raised will go towards building a school for our latest project in Uganda. You really will have changed children’s lives and will help enable them to be who they want to be. Thank you so much to all of you for working so hard to raise this money and to everyone in the school for their support.’

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