Queen’s School Pupils win eco-award for driving environmental changes

Queen’s School Pupils win eco-award for driving environmental changes

3 May 2019

Our Eco-Schools committee are celebrating after achieving a prestigious Silver Eco-Schools award for driving forward changes to the school environment.

Some examples of their actions include a gardening club to grow vegetables, installing paper and cardboard recycling bins throughout the school, removing single-use plastics from the school dining room entirely and the use of a biofuel composting system for food waste.

They are currently working on installing water hippos in school toilets to save water and working with our Facilities Manager to put more motion sensors in corridors to save energy.

The girls’ activity is the perfect embodiment of the Eco Schools mantra: to empower children to drive change and improve their environmental awareness.

The changes have seen the school reduce its waste output, improve recycling rates and reduce significantly its use of single-use plastics.

There have also been awareness-raising campaigns in school, talks and lectures from visiting speakers and workshops run to educate pupils – from Queen’s and the wider Cheshire community – on how their behaviours impact the planet.

Head of Geography Miss Aldridge said: “I have been so impressed with the dedication of our girls, they really have risen to the challenge and made such a difference.

“The students completed an environmental review, developed an action plan, informing and involving the whole school, and monitored and evaluated their work as they went.”

Mrs Wallace-Woodroffe added: “It is so inspiring for the whole community – pupils, staff and parents – to be involved in a project driven by such young people with so much passion for their environment. These young people are our future and it is good to be able to feel confidence in the direction they intend to take us.”

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