Cranford House Welcome Holocaust Survivor, Ruth Barnett

Cranford House Welcome Holocaust Survivor, Ruth Barnett

7 June 2019

Ruth was one of nearly 10,000 German children evacuated to the UK via the Kindertransport programme and she described the terrifying experience of fleeing her home and arriving in an unfamiliar foreign country with great eloquence, linking her own ordeal to those of modern-day refugees. She also highlighted the relevance of the Holocaust in today’s world where genocides are still taking place, as well as speaking very movingly about the importance of not being a passive bystander when such events take place.

Her speech was both memorable and inspiring, with Senior School pupils taking away a heightened sense of both historical events and the role every individual has to play in shaping the future. Many thanks to Ruth for giving up her time to visit us here at Cranford House and to the Holocaust Educational Trust for organising this fantastic visit.

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