Bishop of Ripon Celebrates HLC Pupils’ Success

Bishop of Ripon Celebrates HLC Pupils’ Success

25 July 2019

Revd Helen-Ann gave a thought-provoking speech in which she reflected on the powerful words, ‘Courage Calls To Courage Everywhere’ spoken by suffragist leader, Millicent Fawcett in 1920.

The theme of this year’s Speech Day was, ‘Be brave, don’t try to be perfect’ and Revd Helen-Ann remarked that Fawcett’s words are as relevant now as they were a century ago, but, that conviction, compassion as well as courage are all needed to make progress in life.

Revd Helen-Ann said, “It was a real honour to speak at Harrogate Ladies’ College and award the prizes for Speech Day.

“It’s evident that girls embark on a journey of life at Harrogate Ladies’ College and not a conveyor belt through school. I’m amazed by how much these young women have already achieved and they have an exciting future ahead.”

Sylvia Brett, Principal of Harrogate Ladies’ College commented, “We were delighted that Revd Helen-Ann was able to join us at Speech Day. It is a day about excellence and potential but it is not a day about being perfect.

“Revd Helen-Ann’s encouragement to believe in ourselves to have the courage to be agents of change is a wonderful message that we all should adhere to.”

Harrogate Ladies’ College Speech Day is an opportunity for pupils, their families, friends and academic and support staff to come together to celebrate the achievements of the previous year.

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