6th form exam results: defeating stereotypes, all-rounders & amazing futures

6th form exam results: defeating stereotypes, all-rounders & amazing futures

16 August 2019

This year’s A level, Scottish Higher and International Baccalaureate results demonstrate, yet again, the remarkable capacity of GSA schools to provide the right environment in which girls can defeat a whole range of gender stereotypes.

The students in our schools are all-round achievers, enjoying and excelling in a wide variety of extra-curricular activity as well as their academic studies.

We’re proud to see these confident young women beginning to carve out amazing futures for themselves.

Celebrations at The Maynard School (above left) where quadruple A* student and stargazer Jessica Carr is one of the highest scoring mathematicians in the country. Jessica has been lecturing in astronomy since she was 15 and is now off to UCL to study mathematics. “It’s great to tell the public all about astronomy and the stars as everyone is so enthusiastic.”

At Badminton School (above right) keen geographers Isla, Phoebe, Nicole & Natalie led the school’s commitment to working for a better planet through the InterClimate Network, Climate Voices Summit at Westminster where their team won the Leadership Award. Phoebe will carry out environmental work during a gap year while the others are going to study geography at uni.

Visual and performing arts education continues to flourish at GSA schools. At St Mary’s School, Cambridge (above left), students are preparing to continue history of art at the Courtauld Institute of Art, textiles at Nottingham and interior design at Southampton, thanks to their stellar results. Pic Matthew Power Photography.

The ratio of girls at Streatham & Clapham High School achieving A* grades in sciences is 25% ahead of boys’ performance nationally, where boys achieved 9% more A* grades than girls in sciences. Anna is off to Bath to read Engineering and Toscanie will read Biology at Oxford (above right). Meanwhile At Kilgraston School in Perthshire, 82% of physics Highers were A grade. Well and truly bucking the national STEM trend, 60% of the school’s leavers are pursuing a university course in that topic.

At Harrogate Ladies College (above left) 50% of all further maths grades were at A* (100% A-A). Girls account for just 28% of all students taking further maths at A level (Office for Fiscal Studies) and this was the first year of the new, more rigorous A level maths and further maths exams.

England U19 netballer, Suzie Liverseidge, The Marist School (above right), scored 3 A*s in maths, further maths & biology as well as holding down an intensive 6-day-a-week training schedule to represent England in the U19 netball team. She is off to study sports technology at Loughborough University.

Musician, Charly Curry-Brown, Westfield School (above left), loves her traditional clog dancing and music but also scored highly in her German A level and achieved a top A* in philosophy & ethics. She has a place at Newcastle University to study folk and traditional music.

At Cheltenham Ladies College (above right) International Baccalaureate students achieved an average 40.1 points, equivalent to 4 A*s at A Level. Students Jenny and Cindy achieved the top 45 points. Students are headed for top universities in the US – including Yale, Princeton, Georgetown, Pennsylvania, Brown and Carnegie Mellon – and the UK including Oxford, Durham, LSE, Bristol, Edinburgh, St. Andrews, Exeter and UCL.

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