Another year of outstanding GCSE results for pupils at St Helen’s School

Another year of outstanding GCSE results for pupils at St Helen’s School

22 August 2019

Girls from St Helen’s school are celebrating some of the most impressive GCSE results in the school’s history with 35% grade 9s, 65% of grades awarded being 8-9 and 85% being 7-9. The new GCSEs were introduced to allow greater differentiation between students and with the intention that fewer grade 9s would be awarded under the new system. Within this context the achievements of St Helen’s girls are particularly impressive.

Building on the success of previous years, St Helen’s girls achieved top grades across the whole spectrum of academic subjects. An outstanding 82% of Biology grades were 8s or 9s, as were 76% of grades in Mathematics. In contrast to national trends, the study of Languages at St Helen’s continues to go from strength to strength and an exceptional 91% of Spanish grades were 8 or 9, as were 80% of Latin grades and 72% of grades in German. There were also excellent results in Humanities subjects including 86% of grades in Religious Studies and 79% of History grades being 8 or 9.

Headmistress Mrs Alice Lucas commented “St Helen’s is well known for its holistic and innovative approach to education through which pupils are encouraged to choose a diverse range of subjects which inspire and challenge them. Exceptional teaching enables our pupils to develop a resilient approach to their learning and the confidence to be creative and authentic in their thinking. This unique environment enables pupils to achieve academic excellence in the broadest range of academic disciplines.”

There are many individual success stories amongst this cohort including Uma and Kimica who achieved a clean sweep of grade 9s, and Ellie, Maiya, Deborah, Achuthaa, Amy, Sarah, Simi and Amy who achieved grade 9s in all but one subject.

Mrs Lucas added “These fantastic results are a testament to the hard work and commitment of our pupils as well as to the exceptional teaching, support and facilities which we are able to provide at St Helen’s. Outstanding as they are, these results are only one part of each pupil’s journey at St Helen’s. We are so proud that our students achieve as highly as they do whilst also making the most of the vast array of co-curricular opportunities on offer and contributing to the community through charitable projects and fundraising. These results are a stepping stone towards life in our thriving Sixth Form where pupils continue developing into the confident and self-assured leaders of tomorrow”.

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