Celebrating GCSE results 2019 at St. Francis’ College - Girls' Schools Association

Celebrating GCSE results 2019 at St. Francis’ College

Celebrating GCSE results 2019 at St. Francis’ College

22 August 2019

The College is celebrating its best ever results this year for day girls and boarders alike, marking a year on year continuous upward trend. Overall, 72% or our results are grade 7-9 and just under half are grades 9-8. 72% of the cohort have seven or more grades 7-9 and 32% have ten or more grade 7-9’s. Phoebe received all Grade 9’s in an unprecedented triumph at the College.

The Headmistress said, “I am so proud of these girls and their success. By any measure, these are outstanding results. We value more than just examination success here at St. Francis’ and so these grades, on top of the many other personal achievements of this year’s cohort, are the proverbial cherry on top of the icing. It is just wonderful to know that our staff and community can bring out the very best in our students, opening hearts and fulfilling minds! It’s a joy to see their beaming faces. “

Phoebe’s mother said: I am thrilled not only for Phoebe’s exam success but for the all-round education she receives at the College. A huge thank you to all her teachers for their support, encouragement and hard work.

Another parent said: thank you for shaping my daughter a well-rounded individual to face the world with courage, open mind and confidence.

Another parent said: my daughter is more confident, sociable and loves learning. Her GCSE results confirm today how far she has come.

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