GCSE congratulations! And no shortage of grade 9s.

Our congratulations to GSA pupils around the country celebrating their GCSE achievements today. We wish them all well as they move up into sixth form to continue their studies.

Well done to all the teachers in GSA schools too – today is also a big day for them.

There’s been speculation in the media that grade 9s may be in short supply this year. Early results from GSA schools are proving the opposite with many schools achieving a healthy proportion of top grade entries and plenty of grade 9 ‘clean sweeps’ for individual pupils.

The following is a small selection of today’s successes:

Shout out to my mum who kept my supply of fancy pens topped up throughout my revision” says Phoebe Palmer who has eight grade 9s and one grade 8, as does future medic Ria Bansal. Fellow pupil and ice dancer Beatrice de Goede has a clean sweep of top grade 9s. Both girls attend Manchester High School for Girls, where half of all this year’s GCSE grades are at grade 8 or 9. Our header pic is Great Britain U18 Junior Tennis Champion, Holly Staff, also at Manchester High.

Top achiever Phoebe from St Francis College has all grade 9s. Her mum says “A huge thank you to all her teachers for their support, encouragement and hard work.” Just under half of all grades at St Francis College are at 9-8, with 72% at grade 7-9.

It’s celebrations all round at Mayfield School, where over 40% of entries awarded 9-8 (A* equivalent) and almost 70% graded 9-7 (A/A equivalent).

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