GSA girls among the few to achieve 10 and 11 grade 9s in this year’s GCSEs

GSA girls among the few to achieve 10 and 11 grade 9s in this year’s GCSEs

22 August 2019

Despite fears that grade 9s would be in short supply this year, top grades are on the rise and no more so than in Girls’ Schools Association schools.

Among the highest achievers, with a clean sweep of 10 or more grade 9s to their name, are Agnes Arnold (pictured) and Charlotte Slater from St Mary’s, Calne. Both girls achieved a clean sweep of 11 grade 9s, putting them among the top 133 pupils in the country. A further five St Mary’s pupils, including Susannah Hirst and Annabel Pedgley, were awarded 10 grade 9s and one grade 8.

Shuli Banerjee has the best results in St Martin’s School with 10 grade 9s plus an A in additional maths.

Eleanor from Shrewsbury High School is one of only 293 students nationwide to achieve a clean sweep of 10 grade 9s.

My parents are really pleased. The night before I got the results, they said not to worry about it so it wasn’t as stressful as it could have been.” Benenden pupil Rachael Mak (above right) is from Hong Kong. She achieved 10 grade 9s, an 8, and an A* in further maths which is graded under the old system. Fellow Benenden pupil Kate Gouriet (above left) achieved 10 9s plus an A in further maths. She aspires to work in science or medicine and will be studying chemistry, biology, philosophy & religion, and maths at A Level.

Rosie Elderton, St Mary’s School, Cambridge

Rosie Elderton from St Mary’s School, Cambridge, has achieved 10 grade 9s and one A*, including a subject mark of 234/240 in maths. She also has an A in FSMQ additional maths and is looking forward to studying all STEM subjects at A Level.

Other top achievers include Liu from Moreton Hall (10 grade 9s) and Samantha from Mayfield School (10 grade 9s).

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