Impressive Exam Results Reveal Diversity in Subjects and Careers

Impressive Exam Results Reveal Diversity in Subjects and Careers

9 August 2019

The students and teachers of St George’s School for Girls, Edinburgh, have been celebrating another year of exceptional achievement, having just received their SQA examination results.

Alex Hems, Head at St George’s, says:

“We’re incredibly proud of all of our girls today. The level of achievement across all subjects at Higher and Advanced Higher is, once again, very impressive. All of this year’s excellent results are a testament to the girls’ hard work and commitment and the dedication of our fantastic teaching staff.

“In particular, I believe that the work ethic the girls had already developed when doing their GCSEs last year has contributed to the overall strength of the Higher results.”

In Advanced Higher St George’s results show outstanding success, with a 98% pass rate (A-C grade), and with 89% of grades awarded at A or B grade. 15 students achieved A grades in 3 or more subjects.

The school attained an impressive 94% pass rate (A-C grade) at Higher Level for L6 (S5) pupils with 82% achieving A or B grades. 26 students received A grades in 5 or more Higher examinations.

“At Advanced Higher, the girls’ performance has secured entry to a real diversity of courses and careers,” Mrs Alex Hems says. “At the last count, we have girls heading off to 34 different universities to study 75 different courses, based on the strength of their Advanced Higher results.

“We have girls who have opted to study abroad in Paris and Amsterdam to do Art and Economic Business, while others are choosing Biological Sciences and International Tourism Management which include a year in industry as part of their degrees; and some are delaying university and taking a gap year. This is the result of St George’s high level of support and guidance, which allows us to genuinely cater for our girls’ individual needs.

“Our ethos means that we always encourage our girls to choose courses and careers that they are passionate about and fit their ambitions.

“The range of university courses and the strength of our results benefit from being a girls’ school without any influence from gender stereotypes. We remain a relatively small school compared to some, with smaller class sizes, which means more individual attention. But St George’s is big enough to help us provide flexibility in our academic curriculum so we can offer more subject choices and combinations in public exams.

“We wish all of our Sixth Year leavers the very best, confident that we have equipped them with the skills, knowledge and adaptability to exceed in their academic and professional careers, in a world which is characterized by rapid change.”

A high percentage of leavers achieved their first choice of university reading subjects from Medical Sciences, Physics with Astrophysics, Mathematics, Civil and Software Engineering, Zoology, Psychology, Art, Musical Theatre, Music, Politics, History, International Relations, Languages, Law, Finance and Business.

Many St George’s girls will be going onto the premier league Russell group of universities including Bristol, Cambridge, Durham, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, University College London, as well as St Andrews.

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