Portsmouth High girls achieve 97% A*-B in mathematics

Portsmouth High girls achieve 97% A*-B in mathematics

22 August 2019

‘We credit our success to the hard work of our specialist teachers, disciplined classes and highly regarded, traditional courses, which give our girls a firm foundation for academic excellence,’ said Headmistress, Jane Prescott. ‘Alongside their academic work the girls are encouraged to keep up their activities and hobbies and this holistic approach leads to Portsmouth High School continually providing high quality education to girls in Portsmouth and the wider area. We also understand that the school isn’t just about results but about preparing the girls for the next stages of their adult lives.’

Hannah, 16, achieved the highest possible grades of five A*s and five 9s. Hannah, whose father passed away last year, said:

‘I’m going out with some friends for breakfast and then mum is taking me out. I am planning on doing mathematics, further mathematics and physics for A level as I really want to do mathematics at university and see where that takes me.’

Head of Mathematics, Mr Paul Goldbrum, said:

‘The girls have worked hard and have taken their learning really seriously. These exams are hard for the girls to achieve the grades they have and, in the face of really difficult questions, the grades are a testament to their hard work, grit and determination.’

Charlotte, 16, sister of outgoing Head Girl Rachel who got her A Level results last week and accepted her place at Oxford, achieved one A*, three As, four 9s, two 8s.

‘I am not sure what I am going to do for my A levels and don’t really know what my plans are for the future but I am really pleased with my grades,’ she said. ‘We are all going out for dinner tonight to celebrate.’

Mahera, 16, achieved five A*s, one 9, two 8s, one 7 and one 6.

‘I will be taking mathematics, history and Spanish for A levels here at Portsmouth High School. I really want to go to university but at this point have no idea what I want to read. I’m off now for pizza with all the family to celebrate.’

Mrs Jane Prescott, added: ‘Girls succeed across the school in all areas including sport, drama and music and today we celebrate those successes too. We are very proud of all the girls who have worked extremely hard this year. The combination of excellent teaching and a commitment to do well has ensured they have got the grades they deserve.’

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