Record A*s at A Level for students at Wimbledon High School GDST

Record A*s at A Level for students at Wimbledon High School GDST

15 August 2019

Students at Wimbledon High School GDST are today celebrating a brilliant set of results in their A Level examinations:

• A record 30% are A*

• 70% are A* – A

• 89% are A* – B

• 36% of the year group is going on to study STEM subjects at university

• 15% are heading to Oxbridge

Head Jane Lunnon said:

“If success were merely measured in A*s, then these girls have knocked it out of the park, with 30% of A* grades. However, school life is about so much more than that. They come to the end of their education at Wimbledon knowing they have participated fully in the life of the wider community, campaigning for various causes and using their voices for good. They have found interests and passions to last a lifetime.

“At a time when languages are seeing a national decline, I’m particularly delighted to see 100% A* – A in our French and Spanish entries this year. We’ve also seen 80% A* – A in Physics, 71% in Biology and 64% in Chemistry and one of our students is heading to study medicine at Imperial on a scholarship. With students also excelling in Music, Drama and Art, they are a wonderful year group, for whom we wish every success in the future.”

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