Bolton Girls Try Their BEST

Bolton Girls Try Their BEST

27 September 2019

The whole of Year 12 at Bolton School Girls’ Division spent a day in workshops for the annual Business Enterprise and Skills Training (BEST) Day. This experience is designed by the Careers Department to build and develop abilities that will be useful in the workplace.

Students enjoyed a fascinating workshop with Mike Carter and Jackie Maine on body language and a presentation from Gary Hilton (Director of GAS Music) on ‘How to sell yourself’. Both these sessions offered tips and good conduct for the application process and interview. Patterdale’s Outdoor Pursuits team also led a hands-on workshop on initiative and leadership involving a range of team-building and problem-solving activities.

In the afternoon, Miss Talbot led a Presentation Skills workshop while Miss Jones introduced the ‘Bin Bag Challenge’. Working in small groups, students had to create a fashionable outfit using only one recyclable bin bag, tissue paper and sticky tape. These innovative creations, ranging from dresses to skirts and crop tops and even a swimming ensemble, were then presented by the groups along with the ideas behind their designs. Miss Jones and Miss Talbot judged the girls on their presentations and teamwork during the task and presented a chocolate prize to the winning group.

The day closed with a keynote speech about employability from Amanda Nuttall, Partner at Keoghs Solicitors. She spoke eloquently to the year group about what employers look for and the importance of excellence. She also advised them to start thinking about the future now. This insightful talk was a fitting end to a day filled with lots of guidance and practical opportunities to test and improve students’ existing skills.

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