Queen’s Global citizens

Queen’s Global citizens

12 September 2019

Over the summer, 32 girls and three members of staff travelled to the other side of the world for an exciting month long expedition in the tropical island of Borneo with Camps International.

Their venture started in 2017 when they first signed up with Camps International, and the girls then spent two years devising and carrying out fundraising activities to fund their trip, showing excellent commitment and resourcefulness from the start.

The aim of the expedition was to help the disadvantaged communities in the northern region of Sabah, both through much needed construction and conservation projects, which varied from building facilities to planting trees and beach cleaning. The work was hard but the girls raised to the challenge and merrily ploughed on in hot, humid weather and even in torrential rain! Their stamina and good spirits left a great impression in the local people, who will undoubtedly benefit from the girls’ contribution to their community.

Their adventure included numerous highlights, from sleeping in hammocks in the Bornean jungle to boat rides along the Kinabatangan river and scuba diving in the turquoise, tropical waters of the Pacific Ocean. They were fortunate to see amazing wildlife, including orang-utans, sun bears, sea turtles, crocodiles and even sharks! The warmth and friendliness of the local people won the girls’ hearts, and they were soon interacting with the Bornean children, playing games and learning their local songs.

The expedition also allowed the girls to experience first-hand some of the environmental problems affecting our planet, causing them to reflect on their own impact on the world and encouraging them to make changes in their own lifestyles.

Without a doubt, this amazing adventure has enriched the girls’ lives, and provided them with a wealth of memories that will last for years to come.

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