Year 9 Queen’s School girls experience Chinese culture first hand

Year 9 Queen’s School girls experience Chinese culture first hand

5 September 2019

Over the summer 13 Year 9 girls enjoyed an amazing two weeks in China.

After two very long flights, they arrived in Beijing for a brief overnight stay before boarding a bullet train to their final destination – Chang Zhou, a city near Shanghai. The idea of travelling on a bullet for many was novel and exciting. The actual experience exceeded their expectation in every way!

Students and teachers of Chang Zhou High School greeted the girls with warmth, enthusiasm and sincerity. The kitchen staff prepared a delicious buffet with around 20 varieties to suit all taste buds, and this carried on throughout their 10-day stay at the host school.

The trip provided a multitude of opportunities both academically and culturally. The girls were put through some intensive language learning, passing the challenging language test with flying colours! They also experienced a variety of activities: visiting the Dinosaur Park that boasts of having the fastest ride in the world; a day tour to Su Zhou, referred to as ‘a paradise on earth’ by Chinese people; as well as experiencing traditional Chinese culture such as martial art, calligraphy and paper cutting. Naturally their taste buds had a real treat with all the mouthwatering Chinese food.

While in Beijing, the girls visited all the major attractions such as the Great Wall, Palace Museum, Summer Palace, and Beijing Zoo and not to forget a thrilling shopping expedition.

It is fair to say they came back with bags of goodies and plenty of stories to tell!

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