How do you persuade girls to study Physics? Make it aspirational and exciting!

How do you persuade girls to study Physics? Make it aspirational and exciting!

14 October 2019

“Girls perform at least as well, if not better,” says Charles Tracy, head of education at the Institute of Physics in the UK. Last year, 30 per cent of girls achieved the highest two grades at A level compared with 29.5 per cent of boys.

Physics is a subject flourishing at LEH. Nearly 20% of students now take the subject at A level, with numbers increasing every year.

And it’s hardly surprising when you look at the huge number of fantastic activities and lectures they can participate in. LEH is proud to be a member of IRIS (Institute for Research in Schools) Projects and an Isaac accredited school. Andy Brittain, STEM coordinator, Physics teacher and acting Head of Physics, has lined up a phenomenal amount of projects this term, including:

• Analyzing data from the Spitzer Space Telescope to help identify targets for the James Webb Space Telescope (to be launched in 2021)

• Participating in CERN@School – to investigate radiation in the environment

• Joining the National Schools’ Observatory STEM club

• Entering the World Space Week Schools Art Competition

• Space Sounds Project: a joint venture with Queen Mary University/Reach Academy/LEH.

• Entering BPhO, UK Space Design and Big Bang competitions

• Staging a Moon Rock Exhibition at LEH for the Junior and Senior pupils

• Welcoming visiting Speakers such as Dr Lucia Burgio; Senior Scientist (Object Analysis) at the Victoria and Albert Museum

• The opportunity of going on lots of amazing trips to CERN, Thorpe Park, Dungeness Nuclear Power Station

• Lecture visits to University College London, The Royal Institution and the Institute of Physics

• Exoplanet Naming project for students in the Junior and Senior School

• Exhibiting at the Royal Society Student Conference

Andy Brittain, stated; “We are very proud that LEH has been recognised as an Isaac Embedded School, a web initiative run by Cambridge Academics. The students at LEH are a source of tremendous scientific power, and their output has yet to reach maximum intensity. The future of Physics at this school looks as bright as its pupils!”

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