Stamford Win Lady’s Bowl at RFA Fives Tournament

Stamford Win Lady’s Bowl at RFA Fives Tournament

7 November 2019

An eager group of twelve Stamford Endowed Schools students recently took part in a Rugby Fives Association (RFA) tournament, held at the University of Cambridge. One determined pair; Zara Pollock, Year 10, and Chase Burgess, Year 8, emerged triumphant, winning the 2nd tier trophy, the Lady’s Bowl.

The tournament was primarily designed to promote the sport of Fives to female beginners. 50 students from five schools competed for four awards, with each female player being matched with either a young male player, a coach or a parent. Six girls and six boys entered the mixed doubles competition from the Stamford Endowed Schools, with each Year 10 girl being partnered with a Year 8 boy.

With all Stamford pairings initially playing against teams from Cambridge University, Bedford Modern and Alleyn’s School, the duo from Stamford finally triumphed against Rugby, winning against a pupil and coach pair in the 2nd tier final.

Mr Alex Smith, the Fives coach at Stamford Endowed Schools, said: “Our students played with great energy and determination throughout day, against opposition with a variety of age and experience.

“The pupils have improved a great deal since they started playing back in January this year. I was particularly pleased with how each boy and girl played well together and supported one another in each match.

“All of our players participated in the tournament very enthusiastically and helped make it an enjoyable day for everyone playing and watching.”

The game of Fives, similar to squash but without the racket, involves scoring points by hitting the ball above a ‘line’ across the front wall of a three- or four-sided court, in such a way that the opposition cannot return it before the ball bounces twice.

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