Inspirational Monmouth teachers raise breast cancer awareness

Inspirational Monmouth teachers raise breast cancer awareness

3 December 2019

Two brave and inspirational members of the teaching staff spoke about breast cancer during an awareness week at Monmouth School for Girls.

The two teachers gave important information about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer and told Year 13 students how they had overcome the disease.

Student, Carys Davies, said: “It was such a brave and honest talk which was delivered so sensitively, with compassion for such an important cause.”

Fellow Sixth Former, Amelia Gray, said: “I found the talk emotive and interesting. It has certainly motivated me to be more aware of breast cancer and I learnt so much that I had no idea about before.”

The week also included a fund-raising brunch, sales of badges and cakes, and the distribution of literature.

The girls supported a bra donation scheme inspired by Harts of Monmouth and former pupil, Diana Shroff, who was keen for the initiative to take place.

The donated bras could potentially save girls and women in third world countries from being sexually assaulted, while every tonne collected raises money for Cancer Research.

Harts of Monmouth also gave a presentation on the importance of a properly fitted bra and offered a bra fitting service at the session.

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