A fun and energetic Upper School production of Daisy Pulls It Off

A fun and energetic Upper School production of Daisy Pulls It Off

13 February 2020

After months of rehearsals, girls from the Lower Fourth to Lower Fifth threw themselves into three outstanding performances over three days. For the first performance, we welcomed guests from our local community – St Marks Primary School in Cold Ash and the residents of Winchcombe Place and the Argyles Care Homes. The next day, the audience was made up of Downe House parents, staff and girls whilst the third performance featured a 20-minute extract from the production to entertain prospective parents visiting Downe House for the Upper School Experience Day.

Teacher of Speech and Drama and Director of Daisy Pulls It Off, Miss Anna Rose said, “It has been an absolute pleasure to work with this group of girls over the last two terms; their hard work and commitment in rehearsal has been impressive. They have truly embraced the style of the piece and I think we can safely say that the girls ‘pulled it off’! They were outstanding across the three performances as they entertained parents, girls, prospective parents and girls, as well as members of the local community who all enjoyed it. Thank you to all the staff and girls for working so hard to make this production such a success!”

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