Lisbon’s Art Scene inspires St Mary’s Calne girls

Lisbon’s Art Scene inspires St Mary’s Calne girls

14 February 2020

Some of the Art students at St Mary’s Calne enjoyed an Art trip to Lisbon earlier this Spring Term. Here, Annabel (Year 11) sums up the weekend. ‘Our first trip was to a castle (or ‘castelo’ in Portuguese) which was a lot of fun and provided an opportunity to get our sketchbooks out, inspired by the view. On the Saturday we visited a beautiful monastery before heading on to visit The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. We had a passionate and memorable guide who encouraged us to think and ask questions about contemporary art. After this came the long-awaited evening swegway tour which absolutely lived up to our expectations! We learnt a lot about the history of Lisbon on the tour, which included sites such as the 25th April bridge (Ponte 25 de Abril), which is quite similar to the Golden Gate Bridge and built by the same people, and the Casa dos Bicos. It was a lot of fun trying to balance on the swegways and a brilliant way to end the day.

For our final day in Lisbon we were lucky enough to have a bit of time for shopping in the Time Out market, culminating in a lunch of mainly sushi and pizza which was extremely good. Finally, to finish the trip with a bang, we toured an aquarium. There, we loved seeing the penguins, otters and most of the cast of Finding Nemo! Overall, the art trip was a great balance of being both fun and informative with snippets of information being thrown our way about the interesting history and culture of Lisbon.’

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