Music to Moreton Hall Student’s Ears

Music to Moreton Hall Student’s Ears

28 February 2020

Lucy’s design will feature on the cover of the event programme and over 1000 musicians participating in 81 different classes including; instrumental, vocal, orchestral and choral between Wednesday 26th February to Sunday 1st March with be presented with a sticker incorporating her design.

Lucy was presented with a gift voucher by Councillor Peter Cherrington who commented, “The judges were unanimous in their decision of awarding Lucy first place. Her design is very modern and trendy and exactly what the judges were looking for”.

The Oswestry Youth Music Festival 2020 is an important event in the Oswestry Town Council’s calendar and has been held annually for over 40 years. Each year approximately 1000 young musicians are welcomed to the town to participate. Each class is presented with a trophy for the winner, and there are certificates and mark sheets for every performer. Cash prizes of £100 are awarded for the overall winners of the 12 and under, and 15 and under categories and £200 for the overall winner of the 21 and under category.

Music is a performing art, and the Festival provides an excellent opportunity to perform in front of a friendly, supportive audience.

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