Students create ‘recycled jellyfish’ to raise awareness of plastic pollution

Students create ‘recycled jellyfish’ to raise awareness of plastic pollution

26 February 2020

As part of St Mary’s, Cambridge integrated learning week, 58 Year 7 students worked on the Recycled Materials Jellyfish project in order to create an awareness of single use plastics and similar pollutants that end up in the world’s waterways. Students studied the cause and effects of plastic pollution on the wildlife found in the oceans. They looked at the advantages and disadvantages of using plastics and how we can work together to promote reusable, recyclable and up-cycled products. Using only waste plastics and waste materials, the students developed, designed and created 3-dimensional jellyfish that could be hung in a ‘bloom’ in the school reception area to promote awareness of plastic waste. Five Art A Level students supported the workshop by working in groups with the Year 7 students who enjoyed working with the Sixth Form artists and Art Scholars.

All the students wanted to tackle the injustice of human plastic waste affecting the ocean and its inhabitants. Through this they also developed an understanding and awareness of the jellyfish’s anatomy, life cycle and predators. Students were able to see how important the jellyfish is in the food-chain and how plastics not only affect them but also affect their predators.

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