Coronavirus school closures – statement from GSA President

Referring to the Government’s coronavirus announcement that schools are to close from Friday, Jane Prescott, President of the Girls’ Schools Association, said:

“Schools have been preparing for guided home learning for some weeks now, and many of us are ready to deliver good quality remote learning for those children who can no longer attend school in person.

“Many students, regardless of where they sit on the ability spectrum, will be devastated to learn that they are unable to prove their worth by sitting public examinations this year, and we await further details as to how grades will be awarded.

“GSA schools are not alone in wishing to play their part in supporting local communities as far as they reasonably can. For those schools able to do so, it is without doubt the right thing to continue to accommodate vulnerable children and the children of the diverse range of key workers on whom so many of us will be relying in the weeks to come, always remembering that the safety and welfare of children and staff must come first.

“It has been genuinely heart-warming to receive so many supportive messages from staff, parents and students who are grateful for our updates and continuing provision for students and their families in the midst of such uncertain times. We are in unknown territory and each of us will do what we can, according to our resources.”

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