Royal Lecture – ‘A Climate of Hate’

Royal Lecture – ‘A Climate of Hate’

12 March 2020

Students and staff at The Royal Senior School were fortunate to attend a Royal Lecture, ‘A Climate of Hate’, by Professor Jon Garland, Head of Department of Sociology at the University of Surrey, and a trustee of StopHateUK.

In his previous role at Leicester University, Prof Garland was a co-investigator in the largest study of hate crime ever undertaken worldwide, and he now works on the Editorial Board of Ethnic and Racial studies helping postgraduate students complete their doctorates.

Yuriy Kislyakov, Head Boy, said, “It was eye opening when we were shown the latest statistics of reported hate crimes in the UK, and the influence the political situation in the UK has had in the past few years.

Questions from the audience encouraged further discussion of controversial ideas such as whether the right to free speech trumps the right ‘not to be offended’.

Our thanks go to Professor Garland for a fascinating presentation.”

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