Cobham Hall’s Geography Teacher Gives Back to Community

Cobham Hall’s Geography Teacher Gives Back to Community

8 April 2020

Workers at The Huntercombe Group were in need, as are many healthcare facilities, in need of face masks. Posting on her village Facebook page, the support worker asked if anyone could volunteer to make some masks, along with a tutorial about how to make them. “I thought they looked easy,” explained Mrs Kipling, “so I volunteered. I ordered some extra materials and set to it!”

Mrs Kipling made 25 and posted a picture of them on Facebook. “It spiralled,” she said, “Friends got in touch and asked for some, so I made more! I’ve made some for postal workers, delivery drivers and other key workers. Fellow teacher Mrs Bonner got in touch, explaining that her friend works in a GP Surgery in Strood, and were desperate for face masks and asked if I would make more. I made another 25 for them.

“Then another friend got in touch. She used to be the chair of the Kent Kidney Patient Association (KKPA) and said that a nurse had been in touch with her and that the SE dialysis units needed face masks for their patients. A double-transplant patient myself, and having been on dialysis for 18 months prior to my transplant, I was eager to help any way I could. I spoke to the nurse this morning and I am now making 150 face masks for the Canterbury Dialysis Unit!

“So far in total, I’ve made about 60 masks in five days. I’ve had to wait for supplies, as each mask is made out of cotton or polycotton with a piece of flannel in the middle, with elastic either side to go around the ears. They are very easy to do! My husband has been helping me by cutting and piecing them together.”

Mrs Kipling believes it’ll take a few days to complete this larger order, but says she wants to do them as quickly as possible to protect more patients.

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