Farnborough Hill launches a bespoke A level Foundation Course

Farnborough Hill launches a bespoke A level Foundation Course

7 May 2020

Farnborough Hill is extremely excited to launch a bespoke Year 11 programme: the A level Foundation Course.

There is no denying the cancellation of the GCSE examinations as a result of the current pandemic came as a surprise, but thanks to a lot of hard work Farnborough Hill teachers have crafted an innovative and exciting A level Foundation Course which is being offered to Year 11 pupils to give them a head start on their A levels and a taste of Sixth Form life.

Each pupil has signed up to take three subjects of their choice, from an extensive list of almost 30 subjects. After the pupils finish their GCSE course today (Thursday 7 May), they will receive guidance and preparation materials from each of their chosen subjects, to be completed ahead of Monday 1 June when several hours of lesson time and further hours of independent study and research time will be undertaken each week. It is hoped that, by focusing on subjects of their choice, pupils will keep learning with the motivation and dedication that has characterised their time in lockdown so far. The chance to hone university-level skills during this period is one not to be missed: time management, research skills, critical thinking and so on will all be required in abundance as the girls step up to this next level and bridge the gap between the more teacher-led GCSE course and the independence of A level study.

The maturity displayed by the pupils at this time is incredible; despite the examinations not going ahead they have remained engaged and focused. The cancellation of the examinations has given the gift of more teaching time and it would be foolish not to exploit that to the girls’ advantage. Their positive attitudes and this bespoke programme will put them in a strong position for Summer 2022 when they sit their A levels; it might feel like a long time away but when it comes around they will be delighted to have taken advantage of the opportunity to participate in this unique foundation course.

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