Sixth Form Student has Designs on the NHS

Sixth Form Student has Designs on the NHS

19 May 2020

A passionate Moreton Hall student of Art and Textiles, Verity has designed a T-shirt to raise funds for the NHS in their fight against COVID-19.

Reflecting on her creation, Verity commented: “I have designed a T-shirt with the lion representing England and our amazing NHS workers. I believe that they show courage, pride, bravery, and love, which are all the traits of a lion. The colour blue is a nod to their uniform.”

Verity was motivated to raise funds following her regular Thursday night clapping for heroes. She continued: “A number of people in my small village work for the NHS and in the care system; I wanted to do more to show my neighbours how much they are valued.”

Head of Art at Moreton Hall, Ruth Mills, said: “Verity’s T-shirt design, in aid of the NHS, demonstrates how the Creative Arts can help represent and celebrate the incredible bravery of our front-line workers. We are super proud of Verity, for showing the initiative to design and produce these original printed T-shirts, which embody the qualities of NHS workers in these unprecedented times.”

Principal, George Budd, added: “Verity has such a charitable nature that it was only natural for her to think of this initiative, which encapsulates perfectly our core value of humanity.”

Verity has already sold 26 T-shirts and has orders for a further 50. Purchased by friends, family and teachers at this stage, Verity is hoping to broaden her reach and has set up a facebook page for orders. Priced at £16, 100% of the profits will go to the NHS and Verity is looking to help fund vital equipment.

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