St Helen and St Katharine remote performances in lockdown

St Helen and St Katharine remote performances in lockdown

31 May 2020

Throughout the period of Remote St Helen’s our musicians have proved that their talent and commitment can still be displayed to the school community, via remote concerts. We have been delighted to share videos of all the concerts which would have taken place ‘live’ during Trinity term: Chapel Choir, Musical Theatre, Piano Concert, Singers Concert, Lower School scholars Concert, Strings Concert and two Tea Concerts.

Each student performer recorded and sent in a video of their chosen piece, sometimes accompanied by family members at home. Being able to continue performing was an incredibly important part of maintaining a kind of ‘normal school life’ in the midst of a very strange time for St Helen’s.

Remote Musical Theatre

I never would have guessed last summer when planning this year’s Musical Theatre Evening that, at the time of performance, the concept of ‘home’ would be so integral in our lives. ‘Home’ can mean many different things to different people – a special place, family, friends, a sense of belonging, a feeling of self-contentment – and the songs you will hear tonight try to encapsulate some of these ideas. The students have worked hard this year at developing characterisation, vocal technique as well as learning notes and dance moves, that it felt a shame not to mark their achievements in some way. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy ‘Home from home’, if you will.

Miss Coad, Assistant Director of Music

Remote Chapel Choir

Chapel Choir has been such an important aspect of sustaining the St Helen’s community when we cannot be together at school. My personal favourite was Go the Distance in eight parts! It was definitely the most difficult to learn and record at home, but after recording it in many chunks (sorry Ms R!) the finished product was absolutely stunning, and a brilliant way to end the school year on such a high.

At the beginning of lockdown I thought that Chapel Choir and Microsoft Teams would never be mentioned in the same sentence. I was sorely mistaken! Two weeks later we had our first Tuesday rehearsal over teams. At first, I had little to no faith in it working; with the time delay there was no chance we could sing altogether along to Dr P on the piano. However, we quickly changed our approach, which I feel has been a general theme for lockdown amongst everyone; adapting to a remote lifestyle. This experience has been challenging yet so rewarding, and the work that it produced at the end is absolutely amazing.

Charlotte, Lower Sixth

Remote concerts can all be watched on the St Helen’s website here:

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