Cheltenham Ladies’ College celebrate IB results

Cheltenham Ladies’ College celebrate IB results

9 July 2020

The results, released on Monday, saw 100% of the students secure their Diploma, with marks significantly higher than this year’s national average of 29.9 points.

Principal Eve Jardine-Young said: “I am absolutely delighted that the dedication of our pupils and staff has led to these results, particularly given the circumstances of the global pandemic which have engulfed schools. The pupils have been agile, calm and mature in their response to the many unforeseen changes required, and I am extremely proud of them all. The opportunity to study the IB Diploma Programme adds a great deal to the distinctive education at CLC.”

One CLC pupil was awarded the highest possible grade of 45 points out of 45, achieved by just 0.17% students last year from more than 166,000 IB pupils worldwide. The IB Diploma involves assessment in a total of six Higher and Standard level subjects, and a total of six students achieved full marks in all three of their Higher Level subjects. Four girls also achieved Bilingual Diplomas, mastering two languages to native speaker standard.

The Class of 2020 CLC students have met their offer requirements to study at a fantastic range of top universities across the UK, including Oxford, Cambridge, Durham, Bath, and Warwick. Pupils have also secured places at world-leading US colleges, including MIT, Princeton, and Dartmouth, as well as Bocconi (Milan, Italy) and Fontainebleau School of Acting (Paris, France) in Europe.

University courses range from History at Cambridge and Law at LSE, to Biochemistry at Imperial, International Management at Warwick, and Sociology & Anthropology at Exeter.

This year marks 10 years since the first class of IB pupils at Cheltenham Ladies’ College received their results. The programme has seen pupils achieving top results year on year and last September, league tables named CLC the top boarding school in the world for the IB for 2019.

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