Lizzie Likes Lockdown Blog

Lizzie Likes Lockdown Blog

10 July 2020

Sixth Former Lizzie Crowther of Bolton School Girls’ Division should have been sitting her A level exams in recent weeks but, instead, she has made the most of lockdown by launching her own food blog. The Year 13 student has been busy cooking up dishes and photographing them herself in order to build her website before she heads off to university in September.

Lizzie takes up the story: “I have always loved cooking and my family and I have always prioritised home cooked food. However, I have definitely made it into more of a serious hobby during lockdown. I started just by wanting to document my favourite family recipes so I could have them in one place when I’m cooking on my own at university next year. But then I thought, given the fact I have so much time at the moment, why not learn how to build a website at the same time? So that’s why I decided to start the blog.

I have also always loved photography. My dad is a photographer so I have had the benefit of learning photography skills from him, but I’ve found photographing all my dishes really fun too, and I’m definitely learning a lot as I go along.

I enjoyed Food Tech at school all through middle school and got a 9 in my GCSE exam which I really enjoyed doing. I certainly learned a lot of valuable skills from it as a subject and from my teachers.

My blog officially launched last week and can be viewed here:​ There is also an Instagram page which is @lizzielikesrecipes and right now I am busy trying to promote the site.”

The website exhibits a wide range of meals, including lots of traditional family favourites and healthy options but also some more decadent baking and dessert ideas.

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