Portsmouth High School GDST – ‘a resilient and fearless cohort’

Portsmouth High School GDST – ‘a resilient and fearless cohort’

20 August 2020

Girls at Portsmouth High School GDST were celebrating this morning after receiving their GCSE results. These were based on teacher-assessed grades (CAGs); that is, the grade Portsmouth High School estimated was the grade they would most likely have achieved in their examination should they have sat it and an algorithm grade if it was higher.

‘It’s been a very challenging year for our GCSE students but they are a resilient and fearless cohort and we are sure they will go on to achieve great things in their Sixth Form years,’ said Headmistress, Jane Prescott.

‘Awarding students their teacher-assessed grades or algorithm if higher, though not without its challenges, is now the fairest solution and the only way out of the gridlock in which so many students and teachers found themselves.

‘Although examinations were cancelled the school continued with online learning throughout the COVID pandemic. Guided Home Learning, with a full time-table for the girls became the norm with registration at the normal time and lessons throughout the day. This means our students have been able, for the most part, to learn their usual subjects with familiar teachers, in the interests of their social and mental wellbeing as much as for academic progress. Continued teaching from those who know their students well has provided stability and structure.’

Annalee Macfarlane, 16, was awarded a string of 9 grades and two A*s. She opened her results live on BBC Radio Solent at 8.00am this morning alongside her father.

‘I am so happy after all the roller-coast ride of the last few weeks,’ she said. ‘I am absolutely delighted with my grades and am looking forward to studying A Levels at Portsmouth High School in mathematics, physics and chemistry. I’m off now for a picnic on the beach with my friends and will celebrate with family tonight.’

Her father, Mr Steve Macfarlane, added:

‘We are enormously proud of Annalee. We are so proud of the person that she has become and delighted with her results.’

Holly Love, 16, with all 8s, 9s and A*s, said:

‘It has been a pretty good day after a very shaky morning. It is looking like a bright afternoon though and am so looking forward to taking A Levels here in English Literature, History and Psychology.’

Chilli Hassanyeh, 16, with 9s, 8s a 7 and 2 A*s was off to Cambridge for the weekend.

‘I couldn’t quite believe my results when I opened them. I am so pleased and excited to be coming back for Sixth Form to take Latin, Spanish and English Literature A Levels. I’m off for a violin lesson now and then to Cambridge for the weekend.’

Anisa Rahman Choudhury, 16, added some counsel to the next year’s cohort:

‘My advice would be to start working and revising early on.’

Mrs Jane Prescott, added: We are delighted that our students have this clarity as they start their Sixth Form studies; our staff can now focus on the safe reopening of school next month.’

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