Well-deserved results at Ealing School

Well-deserved results at Ealing School

20 August 2020

St Augustine’s Priory, Ealing Catholic independent school for girls, is delighted to announce that their pupils have achieved well-deserved results in their GCSEs. The results reflect and recognise the hard work of both pupils and teachers during these ‘new normal’ times.

The results from St Augustine’s Priory are extremely impressive with 76.5% of the results being Grades 9 – 7, (A*-A under the former grading system) with 54.8% of results being Grade 9-8 (the former A*).

Despite lockdown, GCSE courses at the school were all completed, thanks to a well-thought out programme of remote teaching and an exemplary attitude to learning in these most challenging of circumstances. This programme has ensured that, despite the frustration of not being able to sit their examinations, the girls at St Augustine’s Priory wasted no moment of lockdown and were able to realise the educational ambitions they all hold.

Following their GCSEs the girls underwent bridging courses designed to equip them for the next stage of their education – A Levels.

The Headteacher, Mrs Sarah Raffray, commented, ‘Many congratulations to all our girls on their wonderful achievements. Every grade is well deserved. Yes, they may have been robbed of the chance to sit their examinations and to complete their studies formally, but these pupils have shown that they are more than ready for the next stage of their lives and, indeed, anything which life throws at them.’

St Augustine’s Priory today celebrates with all its pupils as they mark a day of achievement in a time of uncertainty.

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