Abbot’s Hill pupils ‘Eco pledges’ during National Recycling Week

Abbot’s Hill pupils ‘Eco pledges’ during National Recycling Week

25 September 2020

Thank you to Eco Captains, Sophie and Abigail, who have been busy this week collecting ‘Eco Pledges’ to be used on the Abbot’s Hill recycling tree. Pledges included “We promise not to waste paper and put rubbish in the correct bins”. The tree will soon be planted in the grounds of the School as a reminder of the dedication pupil’s pledged to helping and raising awareness.

Organisers of National Recycling Week, WRAP UK, said “We want Recycle Week 2020 to recognise the sacrifices that key workers and citizens have made to keep recycling going and create positive change in the world around us. Our recycling and waste key workers have heroically carried on collecting while the world slowed down around them.” in this spirit Abbot’s Hill have made pledges that affect their School day such as using the right bins for their rubbish but also wider issues such as reducing their carbon footprints. Abbot’s Hill is committed to being an eco school and having ambassadors for the cause such as our Eco Captains really does mean that the pupils are aware of the problems being caused through not recycling or being conscious of the environment.

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