Training for the future

Training for the future

16 September 2020

One of the biggest challenges education is facing during the Covid-19 pandemic is how to simultaneously reach, stimulate and educate both those children who are in school and those who, owing to self-isolation or quarantine, are at home.

St Augustine’s Priory, Ealing Catholic independent school for girls, realised before lockdown began that an effective way of reaching children at home was to develop a system of learning that was essential to the well-being, mental health and intellectual lives of children. Following the transformation of their teaching and learning during this year’s Covid-19 pandemic, St Augustine’s Priory is proud to have been leaders in both quality remote learning and now, blended learning.

With minimal spend, but a courageous and inspired approach, the school moved quickly into training staff in delivering the curriculum remotely through a combination of pre-recorded and live lessons, as well as online learning tools and platforms.

Since returning to school this term, St Augustine’s Priory has continued with this blended approach. Blended learning was a global standard of education pre-Covid and this school wants their girls to be global learners, preparing them for future careers with a higher level of digital literacy. In addition, should children need to self-isolate, blended learning provides them with continued access to an excellent education.

Blended learning involves staff, children and parents being flexible and adaptable with a commitment to open mindedness and training.

Encouraged by the success of their initiative, St Augustine’s Priory is now rolling out its programme nationwide in a series of bespoke Blended Learning Webinars. So far forty schools are participating, with more becoming involved.

The school is delighted to make this programme available to other schools; to become involved please contact Ms F Hagerty, Deputy Head Co-Curricular, Community and Development, at St Augustine’s Priory.

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