Student at St Mary’s School Cambridge self-publishes book on astronomy

Student at St Mary’s School Cambridge self-publishes book on astronomy

20 October 2020

Zara decided to write and publish a book as it seemed exciting, and then decided to incorporate this with her interest in physics. She aimed to produce a short summary of the history of Astronomy/ Astrophysics along with a few major discoveries, as she wanted to make something that explains intriguing phenomena, accessible to anyone, in just a short read. Her love of STEM has been nurtured at St Mary’s.

Zara commented: “I have always been interested in the sciences due to the constant discoveries and intriguing ideas however, in St Mary’s I have been encouraged to pursue this path and develop my understanding and interest further. I have attended many clubs throughout the years which have inspired me to continue developing my knowledge in this field.”

She added: “I am really interested in the idea of dark matter and energy, the theories that they inspired and the mystery surrounding these ideas, the topics of the curvature of spacetime and general relativity also fascinate me. These ideas all really interest me as they express a world and universe so different from the one that we are used to experiencing and I find this amazing.”

She found that one of the most interesting yet challenging aspects of writing the book was producing the diagrams.

She says: “I went through many different ideas on how to do this eventually settling with Corel draw. I found it very interesting learning how to use and adapt this to produce the diagrams for my book.” Her advice is for other students to have a go at writing themselves.

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