Only Scottish school takes-up place on national shortlist

Only Scottish school takes-up place on national shortlist

9 November 2020

Shortlisted for its pioneering ‘Wear it again’ pre-loved clothing campaign, Kilgraston’s initiative garnered national media coverage and saw the policy being adopted by many organisations.

“I am particularly pleased that our initiative for recycling clothes and raising the environmental implications of ‘fast fashion’ was embraced so enthusiastically and especially by our pupils,” said Dorothy MacGinty, Head teacher at Kilgraston. She continued: “Waste, and its reduction, is a matter of huge significance for everyone and so very important that tomorrow’s adults understand and act to redress the situation.”

The virtual ceremony – rescheduled from a glittering event at London’s Waldorf in London in March – recognised UK-wide excellence in innovation and impact across the independent education sector.

Each year, there is fierce competition between hundreds of entries. While Kilgraston was not the out-right winner, it was shortlisted to be among the top 25 – the only school in Scotland to make the final list – and be invited to participate in the online event.

“Being nationally recognised for our work, together with learning about others’ projects and initiatives, is so important,” said Mrs MacGinty, “we must never stop learning and that applies to teachers and Heads just as much as it does to pupils.

From several schools across Britain, the ceremony witnessed, among many others, impressive innovation in the teaching of astronomy and the introduction of exams in the subject; various pupil initiatives, including the campaigning by prep school pupils of Government, resulting in ‘Finn’s Law’ – ultimately changing legislation regarding violence towards animals in the line of duty – and the introduction of a life-long learning curriculum that explored different ways to tackle a subject.

Showing support for the school, dozens of Kilgraston parents and pupils tuned-in to the event, with many dressing-up for the occasion: “It gave me a great excuse to wear my vintage Dior, said Mrs MacGinty, “and there are precious few of those occasions these days!”

The over-all winner was Westminster School in London for its ‘liberating power through education.’ campaign to provide bursaries and out-reach support.

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