The standard is set as Holdich returns

The standard is set as Holdich returns

24 November 2020

We are so pleased to see the return of the Holdich Society! Presentations have begun and the standard set has been very high indeed.

Rebecca in Year 12 delivered a presentation on the ethics of monopolies. She talked everyone clearly through what monopolies were and how some big businesses may come to dominate sales in certain markets and then went on to question the ethics of such dominance for both consumers and small businesses who might be shut out of competitive markets by the predatory pricing of larger corporations. Rebecca spoke with real insight and empathy and is clearly being inspired by her A-level economics course!

Equally fascinating was this week’s talk from Ava in Year 12 who took on the challenge of explaining special relativity to an audience largely not well-versed in theoretical physics! Ava’s clear demonstration of difficult principles was truly impressive and left us all doubting everything we thought we knew about time, space and our place within both!

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