Queen’s celebrate Green Flag Award

Queen’s celebrate Green Flag Award

4 December 2020

Girls at The Queens School have shown enthusiasm and commitment to making positive change through their achievement of the Green Flag Award, endorsed by Keep Britain Tidy.

Pupils have demonstrated great initiative in taking the lead on reviewing the schools environmental performance and have designed their own projects to reduce the schools impact on the environment.

Head of Geography Miss Aldridge said: “I have been bowled over by the girls who have worked independently to take steps on a variety of issues. Each time I see them they inform me of what they have been up to in their campaign to create a better future for everyone”.

Acutely aware of the climate change crisis we might face, the girls have felt empowered to ensure change through taking action to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

A group of students are currently working with EA Technology on their ‘Road to Zero Project’, which is a very exciting project aiming to make the science block carbon neutral through a range of strategies such as energy conservation and switching to renewable resources of energy. Another pressing issue is the loss of biodiversity, outlined by David Attenborough’s documentary “Extinction: The Facts”. In response to this, pupils in Years 7-9 have been working on improving the schools biodiversity and green spaces through planting vegetation to create a green wall which they are looking forward to taking shape over the coming years.

The Eco Committee have shown high levels of leadership and responsibility throughout as they continue to evaluate each project and its success.

Headmistress Mrs Wallace-Woodroffe said: “We are very proud to achieve this award and it is testament to the hard work of the girls who feel very strongly that we must all be doing our bit to reduce the impact of climate change. Empowering our girls to take the lead on projects such as ‘Road to Zero’ develops not only their research and analytical skills but also their confidence. As they step into our Virtual Boardroom to meet with stakeholders or present to Governors, this reaffirms their position to lead and shape the world in which they live.”

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