GSA Welcomes Exam And Return To School News

GSA Welcomes Exam And Return To School News

25 February 2021

The GSA welcomes news that a decision has been made about how to grade GCSEs and A Levels this year, as members prepare for reopening of schools for all students in England on 8 March.

President Jane Prescott said:
“Now we know how grades will be awarded, schools can get on with the work to ensure their students receive a fair assessment that helps them move on to the next stage – that’s really what matters here, the welfare and life chances of each individual.

“Schools are highly professional in their approach to grading students’ work; subject department teams are used to undertaking ongoing internal moderation and I am confident they will approach grading GCSEs and A Levels – and the optional externally written tests – with the same professionalism. Students are used to discussing their internal grade assessments with teachers so there shouldn’t really be any huge surprises this summer.”

Mrs Prescott also welcomed the reopening of schools in England. She said:
“There is a huge sense of relief as GSA schools in England prepare to welcome back pupils next month. It will be a challenge, of course, to implement the necessary safety precautions and in particular the initial testing of students which schools are required to undertake. However, we are already set up for testing and the Government has sensibly allowed schools some leeway in how to manage the process.”

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