The Kingsley School joins forces with Warwick Independent Schools Foundation

The Kingsley School joins forces with Warwick Independent Schools Foundation

12 February 2021

Kingsley will join alongside Warwick Preparatory School, Warwick Junior School, King’s High School, and Warwick School.

Making the announcement to the Kingsley community Maureen Hicks, Chair of Governors at The Kingsley School said:

“Today heralds a new beginning for Kingsley, as part of the Warwick Independent Schools family of schools. Kingsley will continue to offer the unique education for which it is so renowned, whilst building on our strengths associated with a smaller school, alongside a highly reputable family of schools that we know so well. Through the sharing of skills and expertise we know Kingsley will continue to thrive in the future.”

“It will be business as usual for Kingsley on our site in Beauchamp Avenue, with our own Head, leadership team and staff and our pupils in their distinctive Kingsley uniform, still at the heart of Leamington Spa, ambassadors for the first class education and pastoral care for which we are so highly regarded.”

Principal of The Warwick Independent Schools Foundation, Richard Nicholson, said: ‘our schools already know each other well, and there are currently many families with children at Kingsley and the current Foundation Schools. By welcoming The Kingsley School into the Warwick Foundation family of schools, we are extending our embrace to a friend and neighbour, further fulfilling our charitable aim to advance education in the local area. We believe Kingsley’s rich history, distinctive ethos and strong culture play a key role in the diversity of outstanding independent schools in the Midlands.”

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