British Science Week at Malvern St James Girls’ School

British Science Week at Malvern St James Girls’ School

25 March 2021

Students at Malvern St James Girls’ School enjoyed a visit from Medical Mavericks as part of British Science Week 2021.

Prep and Pre-Prep pupils enjoyed an engaging and stimulating show, looking at their growth plates, and demonstrations of different medical equipment. They also learnt that there are more careers in the NHS than just a doctor and a nurse. They also watched a video of a respiratory tract. They followed this up in the classroom when Miss Phipps brought in her dog’s favourite chew, a dried trachea of a cow. This allowed students to see the rings of cartilage for themselves.

Year 8 also enjoyed watching The Virtual Human Guinea Pig Show from their classrooms. Years 7-11 attended a hands-on workshop experiencing different eye conditions, using an MRI scanner, practising keyhole surgery, drawing blood from a fake arm and much more.

Year 10 Fish Dissection

Year 10 were interested in finding out more about gas exchange in fish. We have been studying the human respiratory system and this provided a chance to practise our dissection skills and compare the structures.

The adaptations have similar features and Year 10 were able to put their specification knowledge to good use. Year 10 were so keen we ran two dissection workshops! We even found time to dissect the eyes and the brain. I think we could have easily spent the whole afternoon dissecting.

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