Emily Runs over 100km for Time 4 Children

Emily Runs over 100km for Time 4 Children

24 March 2021

Burgess Hill Girls pupil Emily Jeffers ran over 3km every day in February raising over £2,700 for Mid-Sussex charity Time 4 Children.

Based in Haywards Heath, Time 4 Children runs weekly programmes to boost the emotional well-being, self-confidence and self-esteem of emotionally vulnerable children aged 4 – 12 in Mid-Sussex.

When Emily learnt about Time 4 Children, via a family friend who volunteers for the charity, she felt inspired to take on a challenge and raise some money for them. For her challenge, Emily decided to run 3km a day for the month of February, making up a total of 84 kilometres, just over two marathons. In the end she managed to run 108.3km, raising over £2,700. Not having run much prior to the challenge, Emily found the first few days hard work but her fitness level rapidly improved:

“On the first run of the month I only ran 3km and felt awful. On the final day I managed 8.3km! I am so grateful for the support of my family, friends and teachers.”

Burgess Hill Girls Head Liz Laybourn is impressed with Emily’s achievement.

“This was a proper challenge for Emily, to commit herself to a new physical challenge every day and beat her target. I am looking forward to seeing her take her new-found talent on to the Athletics track this summer. With such commitment and determination, she has a great future ahead of her.”

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