GSA responds to Everyone’s Invited movement

GSA responds to Everyone’s Invited movement

26 March 2021

The Everyone’s Invited movement has shone a spotlight on a deeply troubling issue that schools and wider society must not ignore.

The testimonials about alleged sexual misconduct of students, mainly towards girls, are abhorrent and extremely concerning. As educators of girls, our schools are looking into what more they can do to support their students and also to work alongside other schools to educate all young people about sex and healthy relationships and create a culture of mutual respect. All schools – and the wider school community – have a crucial part to play in helping to develop respectful, responsible and empathetic young people.

Our schools are taking this issue seriously and talking with current and former students as well as parents to bring about positive change. Where appropriate, schools are making referrals to external agencies, and this includes reporting incidents to the police. It is vital that we listen to those who have so bravely spoken out, and we encourage anyone who has been abused to come forward so they too can be heard and supported.


Donna Stevens, GSA Chief Executive


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