GSA welcomes NSPCC helpline and Ofsted review

GSA welcomes NSPCC helpline and Ofsted review

31 March 2021

The GSA is pleased to learn that the Government will launch a new NSPCC-run helpline to support potential victims of sexual harassment and abuse in education settings.

It is vital that we listen to those who have so bravely spoken out and that we provide avenues for others who have been abused to come forward to be heard and supported.

We also welcome Ofsted’s immediate review of safeguarding policies in schools.

All schools – and the wider school community – have a crucial part to play in helping to develop respectful, responsible and empathetic young people and these developments will, we hope, identify practical steps schools can take as they consider what more they can do to educate young people about sex and healthy relationships.

Donna Stevens, GSA Chief Executive


NSPCC HELPLINE – 0800 136 663
Anyone affected by sexual abuse in schools can seek support and advice through the dedicated NSPCC helpline, from 1 April 2021, by phoning 0800 136 663.

FREE WEBINAR – 29 April 2021
GSA has organised a free webinar with personal safety & prevention experts, The RAP Project. Their co-founder Deana Puccio Ferraro will focus on rape culture & toxic masculinity and how to bring about positive change. Register here

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