Heads’ up – it’s time to put your back into learning at Kilgraston School

Heads’ up – it’s time to put your back into learning at Kilgraston School

10 May 2021

The full effect of pupils having been away from the classroom for months will take a long time to fully comprehend. However, in a Perthshire school, one consequence has already been clearly identified.

“Since returning after the Easter break, a couple of weeks ago, several teachers began to notice a common theme of slouching,” said Dorothy MacGinty, Head teacher of Kilgraston School,

It soon became evident that months of home-schooling, crouching over a laptop, hadn’t done anything for pupil posture, with several commenting on sore backs and necks.

“Of course, because of social distancing, staffroom and dining room chat was severely curtailed,” continued the Head, “it took a few days before we realised that this was a common theme” She continued: “Since restrictions were eased, there has, quite rightly, been a great deal of national discussion about lockdown lethargy, mental health issues, putting on weight and children struggling with speech and language skills, however, none of us were prepared for, or expected, a bearing on personal carriage.”

To try and address the issue, pupils throughout the School’s Junior and Senior Years are now being asked to carry out shoulder-rolls and stretches before each class with time spent in PE also concentrating on personal posture and year-group bubbles thinking about their stance and the body as a whole.

“We’re not quite ‘Miss Jean Brodie’,” says Mrs MacGinty, “but we are asking them to sit-up a bit straighter for their own long-term benefit.”

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