St Helen and St Katharine travelled virtually from Abingdon to Tokyo

St Helen and St Katharine travelled virtually from Abingdon to Tokyo

17 May 2021

The whole school took on the challenge of travelling the 5,952 miles to Tokyo to celebrate this summer’s planned Olympic Games in Japan. There was brilliant variety in the methods of mile-covering, from walking and running to roller-blading, horse-riding and cycling. It was a point of pride and a measure of how much physical activity helped the community’s collective mental health that students and staff achieved the outward journey extraordinarily quickly, came all the way back again, and started all over again!

Miss Barras, Director of Sport at St Helen’s, said: ‘We had parents, siblings, cousins, pets, horses, Old Girls and of course staff helping to reach our target. In fact, we made it to Tokyo twice (almost). I need to up my challenge game for next time!’

Many students also reflected on how beneficial the challenge had been in getting them out of the house during the period of remote school and restricted socialising.

‘I found the Road to Tokyo challenge both fun and interesting. It put a focus on my exercise, it gave me a goal. I participated with a mixture of cycling, walking and some trampolining, it was great to get outside but on top of that we did it as a school and it felt like such a community achievement.’

Isabella, Year 7

‘I really enjoyed taking part in the Road to Tokyo challenge because it is good to see how many miles I do when I add them all up. I did the challenge with my parents and brother. We did most of our miles at the weekend as in the week I do swimming workouts. In our triathlon club, we did a few running events where you run in pairs, ten minutes apart with somebody from the club. There have been three 10k events and one half-marathon. I have also done a lot of rowing and cycling in the garage gym and outside when it was sunny.’

Ella, Year 8

‘Despite a fractured collar bone, as a family the Harts have walked and cycled 230 miles for the Road to Tokyo (and back) challenge!’

Annabelle, Year 11




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