Year 10 Exploring Social Issues in their PPE programme

Year 10 Exploring Social Issues in their PPE programme

20 May 2021

Students in Year 10 are nearing the end of their PPE (Politics, Philosophy & Economics) programme and have produced an eclectic mix of articles focussing on a range of social issues. You can view their work via this link here.

As well as giving the girls an introduction to subjects only taught in the Sixth Form, the aim of this course is to focus on current affairs from an interdisciplinary perspective. Throughout the Autumn & Spring terms, the girls have been looking at each subject separately on a carousel. We have had various inspirational speakers along the way, including Jess Searle, a recent alumna of WHS who is currently in her third year studying PPE at Merton College, Oxford. Jess gave a great talk about the PPE of the coronavirus. Rowena Duncan gave a fascinating talk asking: “Can evolution help explain morality?” Rowena is at Downing College, Cambridge, studying Philosophy. With the support of Louise Augustine-Aina from the London Interdisciplinary School, Year 10 students thought about how to reduce the impact of Covid-19 on Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities, understanding how the complexity of the issue requires an interconnected, linked approach across disciplines.

The interdisciplinary perspective of this course is very much in line with our STEAM+ ethos and the final part involves the girls teaming up to research and present possible solutions to social problems that require collective action.

Mr Richard Finch, Head of Economics & PPE Lead

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