CLC pupil’s written work wins prizes in the prestigious Oxford German Olympiad

CLC pupil’s written work wins prizes in the prestigious Oxford German Olympiad

25 June 2021

Recently, SFC1 student Rosie participated in the prestigious Oxford German Olympiad. This is an annual competition for learners of German aged between nine and 18 years old and living in the UK. The tasks are designed to challenge learners of all levels to get creative with their German language skills and expand their knowledge of the culture, history and literature of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Every year, the organisers select a theme and set tasks relevant to the age and experience of the participants. This year’s overarching theme was ‘Die Alpen’ (The Alps).

Rosie was highly commended for her essay written for Round 1 ‘Was Wissen wir über Oetzi?’ (What do we know about Oetzi?) – a man nicknamed the ‘Iceman’ who lived between 3350 and 3100 BCE.

She gained further success in Round 2, producing the winning essay entitled ‘Die Goldenen Zwanziger Jahre: Wird sich die Geschichte im 21. Jahrhundert wiederholen?’ (The Golden 20 Years: Will history repeat itself in the 21st Century?).

Not content with winning one section, Rosie also gained first prize in a further task where she wrote a letter telling the story of Sophie Scholl’s life and legacy. This winning entry will be featured on the White Rose Project website.

Rosie’s winning submissions are available to read here.

CLC’s German Department is immensely proud of Rosie and wishes her all the best for her future endeavours within her German career, particularly as she considers her university options.

The Modern Languages Department at Cheltenham Ladies’ College is one of the largest of any school in the UK. Language learning has been revolutionised by developments in technology, and students of languages benefit from both new resources and the knowledge and experience of CLC’s team of highly proficient teachers. For more information, please visit the CLC website.

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