Gold and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Achievements

Gold and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Achievements

16 June 2021

In Year 13, nine girls have completed the full requirements of the Volunteering, Physical and Skills sections of the Award. This was no easy task in the midst of lockdown, especially for the volunteering section!

Seven girls also managed to complete the four-day Expedition and five-day Residential sections that form part of the Gold Award. Shreya Kamath and Fatima Naeem wisely completed those sections in 2020, ahead of tackling the rest of the Award requirements, while Aaliyah Bax, Katie Couriel, Ashley Sprott, Elizabeth Warburton and Sanjana Vijaya-Kumar achieved theirs in 2021. These girls will receive the full Gold Award for their efforts. Ella Harkness and Olivia Stubbs were unfortunately unable to complete their the Expedition and Residential due to the pandemic, but will receive the Gold Certificate of Achievement for completing all other sections, which is still an impressive achievement.

In Year 11, three girls have already completed their full Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award: Hollie Asquith, Ruby Broughton and Blake Owens managed to go on their biking expedition already despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. A further sixteen are currently completing their walking expedition and are on track to also receive the full Silver Award. Twelve girls will be awarded the Silver Certificate for completing the all aspects of their Duke of Edinburgh Award apart from the Expedition.

Congratulations to all the Year 11 pupils who have achieved the Silver Awards or Certificate: Khadijah Ahmed, Ananya Ajit, Fatima Bagas, Martha Brennan, Lauren Bunting, Kelly Chae, Rosemary Crowther, Amelie Duncalf, Isabella Grainger, Molly Holt, Divya Kallat, Mia Kitching, Isabella Li, Anika Maini, Jessica Martin, Hannah McKee, Halimah Natha, Shriya Pindoria, Millie Price, Alicia Quinton Taylor, Teja Reece, Elizabeth Rogers, Lucy Sackfield, Saba Salim, Avneet Singh, Kareena Singh, Humairah Thagia and Alara Unsal.

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