Shakespearean innovation – Covid definitely didn’t stop play

Shakespearean innovation – Covid definitely didn’t stop play

15 June 2021

Fairies crunching through the undergrowth; crows squawking high above heads; a gentle June breeze darting around cloaks and crowns (this is a Scottish midsummer after all, there had to be a breeze!).

What better location to perform Shakespeare’s classic tale A Midsummer Night’s Dream than in Kilgraston’s natural amphitheatre? Family harmony and internecine attitudes were deftly portrayed by L&U4 and L5 years, fully facilitating tree-stumps and natural foliage, aptly-placed bunting adding a splash of colour.

Tie a yellow, red, blue and pink ribbon round the old oak tree…

There’s nothing more dramatic than a spot of wedded, woodland woe as Queen and King of the Fairies, Titania and Oberon, demonstrated, arguing it out in the undergrowth, with a healthy peppering of humour and exacerbated expressions.

A joy to behold, pupils brought this time-honoured favourite to life, confidently projecting voices; the natural landscape fully utilised.

Thank you to Drama teacher Miss Smith for giving performers memories that will transcend the season.

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